Sarah Partridge - I Never Thought I'd Be Here

“Partridge hits a bull’s-eye on every single song. She can scat, strut, soar, and tear your heart and soul to shreds without ever breaking a sweat. She’s that good, these performances are that memorable, and this album is most certainly one for the ages.”

{Dan Bilawsky – All About Jazz}

“Partridge is one of jazz’s better-kept secrets–a masterfully unsentimental singer whose vocal clarity and intelligent interpretations skip right past the merely pretty in order to locate harder truths and more rugged beauty.

{Neil Tesser – Jazziz Magizine}

“Partridge’s phrasing is everything on this record, and shows a dexterity and innate versatility that is rare. Some of these songs sound like they were written for her. The iconic 1987 album by Jennifer Warnes, “Famous Blue Raincoat”, famously reinterpreted the unique songs of Leonard Cohen. Sarah Partridge achieves a similar result on “Bright Lights & Promises,” with the timeless and skillfully crafted songs of Janis Ian, and deserves great respect and acclaim for such a special record.”

{Simon Redley – Music Republic Magazine}