Phở Gà Vifon ( thùng ) số lượng. Bien mélanger et servir chaud. Avis. Hong Thai Foods Corp. distributes rice and noodles from Cock Brand, TMK, Sawat-D, Rose Brand, Wai Wai, MaMa, Tufoco, Three Ladies Brand, Double Dove, C.T.F Brand, Golden Boy, and Vifon . Trọng lượng: 3000 g: Đánh giá Chưa có đánh giá nào. If you care about your sodium intake, these instant packages of Vifon Pho Bo are a better alternative to the Vifon Pho Bo Noodle Bowl. Soyez le premier à donner votre avis ! Free Curbside Pickup. HCM, đảm bảo hàng chính hãng, phục vụ tận tâm từ Bách hoá XANH. Vifon Pho Ga, 2.1oz. There are 194 calories in a 1 bag serving of Vifon Pho Ga. Get full nutrition facts for other Vifon products and all your other favorite brands.
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Couvrir le bol et attendre 3 minutes. Mã: )thùng.. Danh mục: Đồ Kh ô. Thông tin bổ sung; Đánh giá (0) Thông tin bổ sung. Our Story Brands Products Contact Back Full Product Catalog (PDF) New Arrivals Non-GMO & Gluten Free Beverages Condiments & Essences Candy & Snacks Canned Foods Cooking & Household …

The package product lists sodium content as 1100 mg, a little less than the recommended daily maximum but still pretty high.
The bowl product lists sodium content as a whopping 2390 mg, way more than the recommended daily maximum.

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All categories Cancel Limited Time Free Curbside Pickup. Add to Wishlist. - Importé par Thanh Binh Jeune. Phở thịt gà Vifon Hoàng Gia gói 120g (có gói thịt gà thật) giá rẻ, giao hàng nhanh tận nơi trong TP. Menu.

- Soupe pho poulet bol VIFON 70g Vietnam - Mode d'emploi: mettre des sachets d'assaisonnement dans le bol, y ajouter environ 350 ml d'eau bouillante. Mua hàng. Vifon Pho Ga, 2.1oz.


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