VBA 1004 Range

I want to copy a 6-month block of "week ending" dates, ending with a user-specified date (Input_EndDate, which is a named range in ThisWorkbook). Range("a1") te gebruiken, maar dat werkt ook niet.

It's not normally needed to use select and you are calling other subs, where the problem might actually be. Ik heb al geprobeerd om i.p.v. We have different Properties, Methods to deal with Excel Worksheet Range Objects. Guide to VBA 1004 Error. I can appreciate this, however the sheet that gets copied is the sheet the user is working in at the time the code is run and the sheet name can change constantly, that's why my first line of … Calls(1,1) bijv. Hi everyone - I'm very new with VBA and am having a problem trying to debug a piece of code that is regularly used in my office and was previously written by someone else. Range object is the one of the most frequently used object while automating any task with VBA. I have a problem with my code, when i try copy some piece of data from one sheet ("Import") to another ("TIs"). I am still able to select rows (ie Rows ("21:21").select) and to select ranges … AccessのVBAからExcelを開いて指定行を固定する操作をしたいです。 Dim ExcelApp As Object Dim ExcelBook As Object Set ExcelApp = CreateObject("excel.application") ExcelApp.Visible = True Set ExcelBook = ExcelApp.Workbooks.Open(StrFile) ExcelBook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Activate range("C2").Select ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True ExcelBook.Save ExcelBook.Close … Cell 1 (required) = The actual range/cell to be acted on. Als ik de code vanuit een macro run, gaat alles goed. Here we discussed Excel VBA Runtime Error 1004 along with practical examples and downloadable excel template.

VBA Runtime Error 1004 “Application-defined or Object-defined error” when Selecting Range. When I am working with a Function in order to find the Last Row, the excel prompt a run-time error 1004: The code: Function LastRow() As - 267849 Syntax. Find answers to Excel VBA error: Runtime 1004: Sort Method of Range Class Failed from the expert community at Experts Exchange

Op MSDN kan ik het ook niet vinden.

I am new at this job and they've turned to me to fix this macro! She writes tech blogs and expertise on MS Office, Excel, and other tech subjects. The basic syntax of the VBA range command is as follows: Range(Cell 1. There is a range in the second sheet, that is cleared before the data is copied. Hi.

I set a range variable (WeeklyDates) to a single row of "week ending" dates at the top of a table (cells D1:BU1). OK, this is probably a simple problem, but I can't figure it out.

Foutmelding 1004, Methode Select van klasse range is mislukt. You will use the Range function a lot in your VBA programming since it makes selecting a cell or a range of cells so effortlessly easy. Range("A2:B51").Select Though I'm not sure what you are actually trying to do and/or whether the problem is with the code you've posted.

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I am having an issue with a Error 1004 "Application-defined or Object-defined error" when selecting a range.

All the dates are Friday dates. Ik selecteer eerst het andere werkblad en dan selecteer ik de cel met Cells(1,1).select. Cell 2) Where. We refer different Ranges in Excel Worksheets and perform various operation on Excel Ranges.


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