Sarah Partridge - I Never Thought I'd Be Here


Lift up your heart and fly away with me.

Stop looking back and find the life you know is meant to be.

Come take my hand, together we will go among the stars there is no limit we will flow.

Look where you are, there is an open door

Walk to the light and feel the pull to let your spirit soar.

I’m waiting here to share your letting go

The troubles in your life see small now you can say it’s so.

Here we are high above our thoughts in space and time.

Looking down possibilities reach far and wide.

Every day so entwined in how we find our way.

Let go we sail today.


Now that we’re here, there is a calm inside.

Just look ahead and see the beauty spreading far and high.

Never again will you feel heaviness.

The lightness of your heart will shine forever you are blessed

Eager Is The Night

Eager is the night to hide me from my sorrow

To hold me ‘til tomorrow and keep me in the dark.

Daylight comes too soon, I startle from my slumber

I’m reeling and I wonder will morning break my heart.

Look in my eyes and you’ll see that there’s no one there.

But tell me that there’s hope to fill my soul and wipe away despair.

Moonlight fills my room, the darkness is my solace.

It always keeps a promise to soothe me through the night.

Last ending tag; and keep me warm and tight

And make my life all right.

Dancing In My Mind

If I could go back in time I would be with you when I was three

You would laugh and sing at me.

Then I would ride like the wind to grow up and be there by your side.

Your eyes would smile at me with pride


You were the one I knew would take me by the hand

And I’d be dancing in my mind. 2x

If I could go back in time I would sing you the song I know now.

The one that tells you what I know.

And it would ring in your ears ‘til the day that we meet up again.

And we would laugh and dry our tears.


Heart’s Desire

I am flying to my heart’s desire

And the feeling stokes a growing fire.

Will I learn that thoughts from far away

Can sustain forever and a day.

We are separate and yet we’re close

Torn apart by what will drive us most.

We are one and yet our worlds collide.

Obligations can’t be cast aside.

When we meet, every string that holds us near

Wraps around our hearts like a web that’s firm and dear.

And we see the light, I can hold you tight,

We must never say that distance and time keep love away.

Now I’m flying from my heart’s desire.

I feel cold and damp and uninspired.

All my love is in a distant land,

But his heart is in the palm of my hand.


Can you hear the bells as they’re ringing at that time of day?

Can you see the waves as they’re crashing and they’re rolling on the bay?

Will you taste the wine on the mountain when the twilight falls?

Can you touch the stars when you’re dreaming and you’re floating through it all?

Once, in a time before us

We saw through the forest to the light of day.

Now, we have lost our senses, and become defenseless

Throwing our lives in a pool full of empty lies.

When you awake you will see that your life is alive.

Then you’ll hear the bells as they’re ringing at that time of day.

And you’ll see the waves as they’re crashing and they’re rolling on the bay.

You will taste the wine on the mountain when the twilight falls.

And you’ll touch the stars when you’re dreaming and you’re floating through it all.

I Just Won’t Let You Go

One Smile and you send me to paradise

One touch and the feeling is very nice.

I know that I can’t lose control, but this rumbling inside is surprising

And I can’t fight I know it’s right

And I show that this glow is inside of me.

And I shout that I know I am finally free.

You’re here and my heart is on fire.

‘Cause I’m loving you so

I just won’t let you go.


I feel you’re near

But I can’t see you here.

And you’re telling me to follow you tonight.

I start to fall

And then I hear you call

Your shadow moves from darkness into light.

Now the dream is clear

In sleep you have appeared.

You are here to hold me in a cloud.

Safe and unafraid

We will always play

Far from what is life among the crowd.

The night has gone away

I long for you to stay.

You are skipping through the caverns of my heart.

You’re young and strong

But now you fade with dawn.

You’re always in the caverns of my heart.

You’re skipping through the caverns of my heart.


I look around the corner and I see you there,

The day is now divine.

And then I see the wonders who are yours and mine,

So proud, so strong, so fine,

We endure through winds that will push back.

And then around the corner stepping back in time,

They let their voices go.

Kaleidescopic vision people who I know,

They rush forth like falling snow.

Laughter, tears feelings high.



You better get up on this train,

You better let your troubles go now. 2x

You gotta find out who you are,

You gotta get on out of town now.

Store your baggage down below,

And never claim that it is yours. 2x

You know it is a heavy load,

That you won’t carry anymore.

You’re on your way to brighter days,

Your old story’s gone and done. 2x

The blues won’t  haunt you anymore,

Because this train is on the run.



Warm and small. She is love.

Hold her hand. See her smile.

Hear her voice. It is wisdom.

See her eyes. There’s her soul.

She is born to a father

Full of hope, and of joy.

She is born to a mother

Running from the noise.

Not alone you will blossom into an angel.

We will guide the path along the way.

All the world has the secrets and the answers.

Listen and you’ll have your part to play.

He is gone. She is absent.

Still your life is yours to fill.

Have the faith. It will happen.

Grace Marie it will.