Help Me Make My Next CD

Are you a fan of Janis Ian? I am. And, as we were coming off the successful release of I Never Thought I’d Be Here, I thought about what would come next.

My publicist and friend, Michael Levine, said..”Sarah, I think you are ripe for a tribute album…people love them. Think about a singer/songwriter who you have admired and see if his or her music (if it isn’t jazz), will translate to your genre”. This from a man who has represented 38 Grammy Award Winners.

Janis Ian / Sarah PartridgeI was off and running. I had pondered this idea in the past but felt that every jazz giant had been covered in a tribute album through the years. And then, BOOM! I had it. Janis Ian.

Does that sound like a strange marriage to you? The Grammy winning folk artist who’s 1976 hit, “At Janis Ian - At Seventeen / Sarah PartridgeSeventeen”, has resonated with listeners for decades. It was a perfect fit. I had loved her music as a teenager and I continue to love it as an adult. Her body of work is tremendous and there is great evidence of jazz roots in much of her writing. The idea of crossing genres is very appealing to me and I believe this will be an album that makes a statement while reinvigorating a conversation about Ms. Ian’s magical songs.

So, I ask that you please join me on this journey as we raise funds on Kickstarter for the album.  Did I mention that Ms. Ian and I will co-write a new song that will be performed together on the CD? Well, we are! Click here to learn more and to donate to this exciting project!

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